The passion for honoring tradition.
The desire to explore the world´s cultures through its flavors.
The respectful connection with the natural.


Discover the fusion of the majestic flavor and aroma of the peruvian Pisco with the bitterness of the most precious and ancestral andean tuber, the Maca, which brings not only a special hue to the aroma of our liquor but also diverse virtues that made it transcend throughout the peruvian history.


Inkamaca, is a gastronomic composition of intense flavors that come from a green must Pisco (Pisco mosto verde) of the highest quality, created with selected grape bunches from the Ica valley, which are distilled in old copper stills that blend traditional and modern technology with the most vigorous tuber: the Maca, which is gently harvested in the coldest, highest and inhospitable andean mountains of the central highlands of Junin, in order to get the best Lyophilized extract, which allows us to incorporate a 100% of the Maca´s properties, flavors and aromas in our Pisco, composing a magnificent and balanced liquor.

"Developed along with the participation of distinguished winemakers from several countries and renowned sommeliers."

Enjoy our cocktails

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